About us

Everyone has unforgettable memories when they are playing with toys as children, but the memories may fade and become vague when we grow up…


The toys would like to say “Thank you for playing with us” to all the children.

With the deepest gratitude, a small bear appeared in front of you who are already an adult,

That is Honeybear.


To present appreciation for playing with us when you were a child, Honeybear will be there for you anytime and anywhere.


Sometimes Honeybear will be the one to talk and listen to you.
Sometimes Honeybear will be standing in the kitchen helping you with cooking; eating with you at the same table; going on a trip and taking pictures with you;  and together we will create new memories!

How to spend time with Honeybear is depending on you. This is a wonderful reunion with toys for you as an adult.