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ハニーベア Honey Bear (HK)

Spring Color 2022

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How are you?

Let's celebrate the return of Spring season where all lives awaken!

We believe the epidemic will pass soon, together we spend a pleasant spring together ♪

HB is launching three new colors that represent typical spring blooms:

Bright yellow "Tanpopo" like the sun,

"Sakura" of impressive sakura petals, and

gentle green "Wakana" that makes people feel early spring.

The bear are born with spring colors, and they wish you would bring them with you along with your journey when you go out in early spring, to accompany you anytime, anywhere. 🌸

It fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for carrying around or decorating your home.

Close your eyes, raise your hands, and sometimes sit down...

The magnets on the soles of bear's feet make its feet stable, so you can enjoy "stitching".


Material: PVC, magnet

Specifications: Total height 7 cm

Target age: 6 years old and over

Manufacturer: T-entertainment